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FWD Future is a team of passionate people devoted to progress and community service.  Since 2016, we have merged high end creative with proven marketing and product development strategies, collaborating with leaders in medical, beauty, hospitality, education, entertainment, non-profit and technology.  Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our expertise in import / export has allowed us to provide millions of medical and protective equipment products to frontline workers, hospitals and governments.

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ELI Electric Vehicles – About Town
Eli Electric Vehicles – Good Choices
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Hyrecar IPO Business Promo
Savini Wheels
Million Dollar Shaman Documentary Sizzle
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Dirtbag Bikes

Mission: Create the business model of the future.

Marula Pure Beauty Oil is a leading facial oil which is produced using fair trade practices by African tribal women.   To preserve their ancient practices and provide a sustainable way for the business to grow, we created content to share this unique story with the world for Costco and on QVC.  Through these campaigns, new customers we are able to visualize the real benefits for both them and the women who harvest it.  For Marula, sales have grown sharply, attracting international awareness and new investor relationships for this brand of tomorrow.  

Mission: Changing the way non-profits sustain themselves.

Partnering with War Horses for Veterans, we wanted to create a new means of creating awareness and funding their veteran healing program.  Our team used testimonials targeted to specific online veteran groups and helped fill their wait list for a year.  To augment their fundraising efforts, we turned to a product which is both loved in the USA and distributed around every military base; beef jerky.  Launched on Veterans Day, Freedom Jerky’s yearly profits will fund operations for War Horses while employing veterans who go through the program.

Mission: Connecting people through healing

Celebrity Doctor Prudence Hall is a women’s health pioneer, so when she wanted to share her new book with the world we were excited to help.  To make sure readers got the exact information they needed, our team created a series of quick videos for each topic.  This series, along with an impactful promotional video, helped push sales to the top of the category in just it’s first week!  

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Whether its amazing content to captivate your customers or technology to spread your message around the world, FWD Future is your go to team. Our digital marketing team and creative agency based in Los Angeles is here to help. 

and Strategy

We give you that “aha” moment. Whether we are imagining a new story for your brand or just freshening things up, our team will make sure you stand out.

Services Offered:

Brand Development

Media Planning

Logo Design

Web Design & Development

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Take a step into the future.  We bring people together using technology and immersive experiences to create unique customer connections.

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Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

E-mail Campaigns

Display Advertising & Print

Video Production & Development

From commercials to live streaming and animation, our creative ninjas will design and market your content online so it reaches the right audience.

Services Offered:

Commercials & Documentaries

Product Launch & Fundraising

Creative Writing

Events & Interviews

Video Editing


Gut instincts are great, but we know that there is no replacement for real data.  Our first step is to get to know your customers as well as you do.


Where do your customers spend the most time?  What do they resonate with? We find the best places to market your brand; online and offline.


Your brand’s design is the first impression people get.  Don’t leave it to chance.  Our team uses science to deliver beautiful and effective design.


Whether on film, online or in 3D, your brand should look incredible.  Our production services will help make sure that happens every time.

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